Restricting number of spaces available due to capacity of tents


I am  new to Checkfront and just trying to set up our tours; so please excuse me if this is an obvious question! We are a vineyard and offer tours that have a maximum of 25 people on the tours. At the end of the tour they have a meal in the vineyard in some covered tents. We have 10 tents so I need to restrict the total number of groups to 10 ( so that we have enough tents for example if everyone was coming a s a couple we could then only take a maximum of 20 on the tour.)  Can I do this using parameters? i.e. as a person completes  a booking for say four people that it reduces the number of available tents by one automatically? and therefore restricts bookings when the tents are all taken. The tents do not have a price and do not need to be visible to the person making the booking.

Thank you for your help



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