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Is anyone else having an issue where after they send the invoice to a client, the client clicks the "Pay Now" link, gets sent to the pay now page, fills out their billing info, hits submit and then is instantly redirected to the login screen for Checkfront?  The payment goes through but there is no confirmation for the client, just the login screen.  It seems after payment the form tries to forward the browser to an internal Checkfront page (specific to our subdomain) but since the client isn't part of the staff they get the login screen.  Is there some sort of way to control where the confirmation redirection goes to? 

This is very frustrating because we have clients contacting us all day saying they're not sure if the payment has gone through or not.


  • Kalem_CheckfrontKalem_Checkfront Checkfront
    edited February 16
    Hi @partyho

    Thank you for reaching out today. 

    I have sent this as an email to our Support Team to investigate further. They will be getting in touch as soon as they can, via the email address associated with your forum account. 

    We look forward to solving this together.
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