Different Price Points

Hi. We are planning to have Family Hikes. This is the matrix they should be able to book from the booking system:
1 adult80
1 adult + 1 child110
1 adult + 2 kids120
2 adults + 1 child140
2 adults + 2 child150
2 adults + 3 children165
2 adults + 4 children180

Not sure what is the best way to set this up. Thank you for the guidance. 

Second question: how can I have for the 1 adult a different waiver to the one with kids?

Thank you in advance.
Kind regards,


  • Anybody? :)
  • @Brittany any ideas? Thanks
  • Hi @webforu

    Thanks for reaching out and for your patience. I see that Brittany was able to assist you with a direct ticket. 

    Here is a copy of the response for any others that are looking for something similar: 
    Unless you can consider having a pricing structure for 1 adult + 3-4 children, you'll need to separate these into two items; one for 2 adults+ kids and one for 1 adult + kids.

    You can use Group Pricing, parameter min/max values and aliasing to establish this.

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