Discounts and Savings on Invoices

It's great to be able to apply discounts to bookings. However, the way that they're shown on the Customer Booking / Invoice is confusing.

When the Discount is Per Item the actual cost of each item to which it applies is reduced and the TOTAL saving is shown next to the included tax. 

By contrast when the Discount is Per Booking, the discount for each item to which the discount applies is shown and there is no Total savings indicated. 

The way that this works could be improved:

It would be better if there was a system wide switch that defined which way of showing the discount on invoices would apply, so that whether a Per Item or Per Booking discount was used, the discount on the Invoice would be shown for ALL invoices as either the discount per item or the total savings in the booking.

Also, it is confusing that the Savings line is included Total. I regularly have clients asking why, when they use Per Item Discounts, the total is say $500 and the Savings are $100, that they still have to pay $500 and not $400. Please at the very least change the label so that it says "Savings Included" and ideally move this line, so that it appears in a better place on the invoice - ideally above the first Total.

By the way, what is the point of having a Sub Total line on the Invoice in the first place?


  • Hi @SteveV,

    Aaron from Checkfront Support here!

    Thanks for providing this feedback. I do see where you are coming from. Simplifying the discount look will definitely help customers understand when discounts are applied. We're always making improvements to our platform and appreciate it when our customers let us know how we can improve their experience. I'm happy to bring this up with our team/add you to an existing request.

    If you'd like to chat further about this please feel free to reach out to We're always happy to listen and help!

  • Additional to what Steve suggested, I'd also like to see the way the discount is shown to be highlighted a bit more as it's often completely overlooked by customers. Another big improvement would be for us to enter a simple one-off discount directly from the edit invoice page instead of making a custom discount code each time.
  • Hi @parawing742,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    I've gone ahead and attached your information to the feedback that Aaron submitted and I would be happy to keep you up to date if I receive any further information.

    In regard to the other feedback you provided, I can also see how that would be super useful for situations where a predefined discount code is not necessary and I'd be happy to bring this up with our Product Team as well!

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we would be happy to help.

    Take care!
  • I support @SteveV request. Please add my name to the relevant feature request.

  • I also support @parawing742 supplemental request. Please add my name to the relevant feature request as well.
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