Cabin check-out/cleaning report?

Hello, I need help building a "check-out" report. We use checkfront to manage nightly cabin rentals. I need to build a report that will reflect which cabins a guest is checking out of so I can direct housekeeping to clean them.

Currently we track this manually and through notes attached to the reservation, but there must be a better way?


  • Hi @kevinclarkwy,

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    The best way to see a direct view of when a customer is checking out of a cabin would be to utilize the updated Booking Calendar through (Calendar > Month).

    This Calendar will allow us to easily view each booking for your cabins and when the guests are checking in and out by filtering for the specific cabin Items and utilizing the 'Item' toggle option.

    I hope you find this helps. Please feel free to reach back with any other questions to and we would be happy to help!

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  • I think this relates to a well needed feature: the ability to check-in / check-out individual items in a booking (and not jsut the entire booking at once).
    See one of the threads about it:
    There are other threads, but don't have the links…

    Case study: for a hotel, you may have 2 rooms on the same booking, and 1 may be checked-out on a different day than the other one… So you don't want to wait for the final date to start cleaning the 1st room….

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