How to Manually add bookings ?.


I am on the 23 day trial and am having difficulty manually adding booings that I already have, so the calendar is up to date. I have emailed Checkfront, but don't seem to get the answer, just always being directed to the Support forum on the website
Can someone please help me how to do this?
I am finding the whole system not that user friendly to be honest and quite difficult to understand.
I have one property that is rented by the night.



  • Hi @jackjoy123

    Thank you for reaching out today. I am sorry to hear that you have been having some difficulties. I am happy to assist you with this. 

    When adding past bookings to your system, you have two options. 

    1) Bulk import these bookings from Reports > Booking Index > Import (up arrow icon). 

    Here is a guide for you: Import Bookings: Introduction

    This method will allow you to bulk import using a CSV file. I typically recommend downloading the Import template found on this page. Once you have that, you can then open that CSV in a spreadsheet program (Excel or GSheets). So that you can sort your data in the predetermined columns. Finally, export the completed file as a CSV and upload that into the Importer. 

    2) Manually create the bookings. 

    If you do not have too many future bookings to import, you can create each one manually.  This is done using Booking > New Booking. Following the steps to complete the booking and filling in the customer information one by one. 

    If you have any further questions please send us an email to and our team would be happy to take a look at your account to assist. 


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    thanks my issue has been fixed.
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