Group Booking Prices.

One of the activities we run is a Motorboat tour that has (let's say) 20 seats. The cost to me of running the motorboat is $200 per day. 

If I sell the tour at $50 per person, then I will loose money when the first three people book, break even when I have four people have booked and make a profit when five or more have booked.

However, if, say, ten or more clients book, I would like to give clients 11 to 20 and automatically discounted price - and have the option of either automatically or manually refunding part of the payment to clients 1-10.

I know that if I turn off e-commerce, I can manage this use case manually, by allowing clients to Reserve trips and then send them a payment invoice when enough have reserved. However what I really want to do is make this work automatically, by *dynamically adjusting the price* per person as more people book on the tour. This could also be used to *increase* the rate when availability is low (like airlines do with their ticket prices).

Would anyone else find this useful?

Thank you


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    Hi SteveV,

    Thanks for your great comments!

    What may help with the dynamic pricing you'd like to put in place is to use the yield type event, created at Inventory > Item Events.

    A yield event price allows you to adjust the pricing of your inventory based on the quantity remaining, such as increasing the rate when availability is low. 

    For examples of how yield pricing works, feel free to visit our documentation here.

    I hope this helps!


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    Thanks Angela. I will take a look. That could well be the solution I was looking for! 
    (And no, I'm not using fo air tickets!)
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