Keyless Door Entry/Registration Integration

The fabulous support staff suggested I post here to inquire whether any other hotel/motel operators are interested in a way to integrate a keyless check-in door entry system with Checkfront. Because of covid safety and also long-term security for our guests we're planning to install keypad locks on our doors although they also have actual keys as a backup as well.

We found a system that can integrate with some online reservation systems but not with Checkfront. It's called Operto and they can automate the process of assigning a new digital code per guest which would save considerable check-in time/costs and also importantly provide a covid-safe registration process for our guests and staff. 

As long-time happy customers of Checkfront we'd like to stay with our existing software. It's not worth Checkfront's developer time unless there would be other customers likewise interested in keyless check-in systems during this time of covid and in the future. If you'd likewise like for Checkfront to consider such an integration please let us all know!
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