Important Feature Request: Discounts - Values & Drop-down options.

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Checkfront team - I see a configuration problem and a discrepancy between having custom Taxes/Fees implemented per inventory versus applying Discounts in the same way. When creating a discount code, I really need the discount code to match the options given in Taxes/Fees, i.e. the percentage value to be X.XX% versus just X% (we need at least a few decimal places here) AND that the Discount should apply Percent, flat fee, Flat Fee Per night, per booking, etc.

I'm having an issue because if I'm internally booking clients, I need an option to either 'discount' Tax exactly or turn Tax off at will. I feel at least that the way the system charges service fees should at least mirror the discounts that could apply.

Any help would be appreciated!


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    This is  account specific request, which has already been logged at support. If you require updates on this please email
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