Are Checkfront developers quick to respond to your support issues?

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I am new to checkfront, although I am not new to systems like it.  I am hoping to get some feedback from other checkfront users about how they have liked using Checkfront.  Do you feel the developers/support team are quick to respond to questions you have or problems that arise?  I am a little worried as I made a feature request and was simply told "we may get to it eventually, but even that isn't guaranteed."  If my feature request was to stream-line things or make it prettier would be one thing, but my request is critical to the business I am creating the account for.  Then I was told they could get me a quote of how much it would cost to make it a priority, but then they never got back to me with the quote and it has been a week now.  Sorry, I don't mean to rant and rave, I just want to know if this is "normal" for checkfront, or if this is a fluke and they are just really busy.  Any help would be great.  In general do you like checkfront and its support team?


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
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    Hi Joe, 

    We get hundreds of feature request in a given month.  Feature request are an important part of our ecosystem, and are used to help prioritize our development roadmap.  Member feedback in general is really the backbone of the system.  That said,  requests alone do not define how the product advances.  As this is a shared platform, we need to take into careful consideration how each new feature will impact all of our customers.  The same applies for any custom work.

    Regarding quotes for custom work, I can tell you that we are currently backlogged by at-least 6 weeks.  If you're on deadline, it's not likely we'll be able to deliver in timeline that works for you. 

    We are continually moving the platform forward, with updates often several times a month.  But before  committing to use Checkfront, we strongly suggest that the product should meet your needs as-is, and not on future promise, or feature requests.

    If you are open to sharing your feature request here, perhaps other members can chime-in.

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    I haven't made many feature request, but any support I have sought has been quick and helpful.  An odd issue I reported with Paypal last month was resolved within an hour of reporting it. Another (less critical) problem with the wysywig policy editor was reported a few weeks ago, and is still open.

    It's nice to see the software progress.  Generally speaking, I'm quite happy with Checkfront.
  • Yes, I do like Checkfront and its support team.

    They go out of their way to be helpful whenever they can. I appreciate that they're working really hard to please hundreds of people and that's not an easy thing. 

    Sometimes they are incredibly busy, and at those times, things slow down. But fundamentally they are good people working really hard to keep their customers happy. I find Daniel in support especially helpful. 

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    I would suggest that you have a look at the forum questions and answers. You can see the response time of support team to problems/issues/bugs.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi tarki - as a reminder - the forum should not be used to file bug reports, or for obtaining support from our team.  We do of course monitor the forums on a regular basis, but they do not provide an adequate way for us to track the status of a support ticket or issue.  This is the purpose of the support portal in your account.
  • I thought that if we wonder what others think about a general system problem we could put it here (and if the problem is not urgent). Then you could also get involved in the discussion as checkfront employees and the solutions to problems could be more creative and robust.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    By all means, please use the forum for any open discussion on the system.  We weigh in when and were we can.  But in the case of any issue reports or account specific configuration, support tickets are given priority and tracked separately.

    Non-urgent issues, feature request, and general discussion on how we can make the system better is always welcome here.

  • Hi Toby,

    This is great feedback for us, thank you.

    As a reminder, recently (for a couple of months now), when you send in a support ticket and a reply is sent out from our ticketing system, a question is attached to each reply that goes out: 

    "Did I answer your question? Yes/No"

    I encourage anyone who receives a reply to take a few moments and click on yes or no, regardless of the status of the ticket (it possible it there might be an ongoing discussion about configuration and you have more questions).  

    Feedback is something that will help our support staff see areas that need improving as well as types of common (if any) issues that arise from more than one client.  It's kinda like creating a red flag for all of us, management and support staff to become more aware of problem areas whether it's type of answers supplied or common system issues that trigger support tickets to be sent to us in the first place.

    Help us improve with this quick feedback. :)


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