Show Bookings not just Items in the Booking Calendar (and elsewhere)

Thanks for some great new features in the past couple of months.

I would really like to see Bookings not Items in the Booking Calendar (and elsewhere). Whilst some users may like to know about each item in the booking in the aggregate views like the Booking Calendar, Daily Manifest etc. the way that we use Checkfront is BOOKING based, so we don't need to see each item listed individually all the time.

When we need to view the items, its easy to open the booking or go to the Customer Calendar. However, views like the BOOKING calendar should at least have the *option* to show one entry for each BOOKING rather than each item that they contain.

This would also reduce the number of entries in a monthly view which otherwise can get crowded. For example, the attachments show a booking to which I have added a banking fee. I really don't need to see the banking fee listed separately!

 Thank you Steve


  • Hi @SteveV

    Thank you for your continued engagement in our forums!

    I can completely understand how having the breakdown in many reports and calendars under Items instead of bookings can be counterintuitive for businesses that are solely booking based and I empathize with you on this fact.

    I'm going to go ahead and bring these up with our Product Team on your behalf in the form of a Feature-Request aiming to add a 'View Only Bookings' toggle that can be remembered on a per-account basis for each individual report and calendar. While I don't have any immediate ETA for when or if this will be implemented into Checkfront I would be happy to keep you up to date with any further information that comes my way.

    In the meantime, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach back out and I'd be happy to help.

    Kind regards,


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  • Hi

    I would love to see a BOOKING based "Booking Calendar". (instead of all items).

    It a could be just an option on the Booking Calendar, allowing to group all items in its booking (and only showing the Bookings), or when unchecked, "expand" all items from each bookings, as it is currently the case.

    Please add my name to this feature request too.

  • Will do! Thanks for the added feedback @Dedric

    Director of Technical Support

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