Programming a systematic booking process

Is it possible to program a systematic booking process in Checkfront. 

What I would like to do:

- Booking arrives in system
- System tells agent in a notification to call management company
- Notifications pop up each new day until there is a response
- If not available notification tells agent to find a substitute
- Payment is confirmed, once agent changes status a window pops open with the template email (where an agent can add something personal) with reciept of payment attached
- A notification is sent to the agent 10 weeks prior to arrival to chase up final payment, a similar window pops up with the invoice and the template email which the agent may add a personal message

I guess mainly I am wondering if we can have a system of notifications that pops up for every booking based on dates eg. from the date booked and also before arrival, rather than having to program them into each single booking

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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