Showing event on calendar when paying via check

We encourage online booking but have some who insist on paying by check.  We block the date out manually, but:  1)  It shows up gray and not the same color as other dates that have been booked online, and 2)  It is not showing up as a scheduled event on our calendar.  What is the proper way of booking a date online manually and have it show up the same as if they booked online?  Thank you so much!


  • Hi @emp110

    Thank you for reaching out to our forums! 

    The way that I would recommend would be to create a 'Staff Booking.' You can make a booking as a staff member by going to the Staff Booking Page (Bookings > New Booking). On the Staff Booking page, you can create a booking for the dates and items as needed - you can also add the Check as a payment on the 'Transactions' tab of Invoice. 

    Add a 'Check as a POS option' with this guide! ->

    Creating the booking as staff will then allow you to see the booking clearly on those dates from your calendar and track the revenue made in your reports. 

    I hope this helps! 

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask or reach out to

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