Simple Calendar for Wordpress that displays available Items/Events


I'm trying to find a neat solution to integrate Checkfront a bit more effectively into a Wordpress website.

Currently, the website has it's own pages, the Checkfront Wordpress plugin is used to generate the widgets for the corresponding items and events, and then there is use of and embedded Google Calendar to quickly display the events in a month-by-month format.

That seems more work that need be - we have to create the Wordpress page/post, create the Checkfront item and corresponding event/s, and then creat entries for Google Calendar that then link back to the page/post.

Ideally, I'd like to cut out the Google Calendar part and use a Wordpress plugin or a custom solution to pull in the Checkfront item titles, event dates, more info URLs and display that as a calendar.

Has anyone achieved something similar? I did look at the API but it seemed more geared towards managing bookings than anything else.

Any thoughts anyone has on this, please drop them here - I'm au fait with Wordpress front end work and a certain amount coding and am interested in developing my API development skills as well, so don't hold back.

Thanks for reading,



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