Post booking edit giving confusing results

edited November 2011 in Checkfront Booking Manager
Hi I have sent a support ticket regarding this issue. It's now with the developers but that might take some time....

My issue is that post editing is not working completely. Let me explain:
1) I make a reservation for 2 different cabins. Then the client only needs one cabin so I post edit and remove the cabin. The result is that the removed cabin goes back to my inventory which is good but when looking at availability (xxxxx/frontdesk/availability/) it is not removed from that view. Very confusing!
2) I make a reservation for 1 cabin for 2 nights only since there is no further availability and  then clients requires an extra night in another cabin. So I make a post booking edit and go to the client reservation #. I edit and choose the date but the available cabin options are not correct and in sync with my available inventory items. It tell me 3 cabins are available while in reality it should be only 1 cabin

This only happens during post booking edits so this has nothing to do with my configuration and settings.

Checkfront Support is telling me it with the developers but I still don't have a solution. This is quite an important factor to fix ASAP.

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  • extra information: What I am noticing is the following,

    When i go to edit an existing reservation (post booking edit) it gives me the inventory of the current reservation. When I change dates, it still shows me the inventory of the original reservation. So changing dates is not linked to the item inventory and does not lock the inventory according to date. A recipe for double bookings!

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