tags in articles


if i create a new article there is field next to article  name with "tag / ettikette (in my language)

Does anybody knows for what this is used to? 
giving tags to articles is a feature i wished for long time. that guests can filter for "pool" , "sea view" and so on... 

but i just see this field and dont find anything about how to use it...


  • Hello @Patrick

    Thank you for reaching out through our forums! I'm sorry that we missed reaching out to you personally to share the good news of this new feature release.

    Since Inventory Tags can touch several parts of the backend of Checkfront we're turning on this feature by request so it may be that someone from your team requested it is turned on.

    The Tag feature can be used to accomplish exactly that type of sorting with your items such as Seaview, Pool, etc

    Here we have a guide on how to use our Tag feature: https://support.checkfront.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039840793-Inventory-Tags-Introduction

    I hope this helps to clarify!

    If you have any further questions related to Tags, please feel free to reach out here, or email us at support@checkfront.com

  • hey,
    all kind of new features are good news. 
    this is a feature i looking for many years :-)

    is this still in "beta" or already finished? 
    different colors for tags would be cool (and i think easy to implement)

    but really a very important feature! 
  • Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your feedback! We are looking at other features we'd like to add to item tags and tag colors is a great idea! I'll be happy to note that for our team :)

    The feature is not in a full release yet but once we do add it in as a full release, you can be sure to hear it on our updates page here: https://updates.checkfront.com/


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