Accelerated Mobile Pages

What is AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages)? How does AMP works? 


  • AMP loads fast because it is designed with speed priority. Browsers can understand AMP HTML more easily (and therefore faster) as it is more streamlined and designed specifically to help developers avoid general coding problems that lead to slow page loads.

    Even better, AMP pages can be served directly from the Google AMP Cache. Whenever possible, Google will choose to serve a cached copy of the landing page, making it the fastest to load. When caching cannot be served (due to incompatibility or other technical reasons), the AMP landing page will be loaded from your web server. While it's not as fast as caching, it's still faster than the non-AMP landing page average.

    In the new Google Ads experience, you can apply AMP guidelines by creating AMPHTML ads. These ads allow you to deliver faster, lighter, and more secure advertising experiences across all platforms. You can also serve AMPHTML ads on both AMP and non-AMP pages.
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