Notification Logic - Part 2

1/ Thank you @SteveV from bring up the matter.

2/ I have NO idea why your initial thread has been closed straight away, preventing for any discussion with our community.

Here is how I understand the current notification to work:

For INSTANT notifications:
  • changing the status of the booking is the initial trigger.
  • then, if the booking contains at least 1 of the products the notification applies to,
  • then the notification is executed

For SCHEDULED notifications:
  • the time scheduled for that notification is the initial trigger.
  • then, if the actual booking status corresponds to the selected booking status for the notification,
  • then the notification is executed

So, for  instance, if you want to send a specific email xx days before a booking starts, you have to consider which status that booking may be at that time! (which might prove difficult or even impossible)
With my business model and the way I use CheckFront, that booking could be in any of 8 to 11 different statuses; which means I need to duplicate 8 (to 11) times my notification, and select 1 status for each duplicate.
It works, but is an nightmare when it comes to maintenance/updating…. (any modification of 1 notification would have to be manually repeated with each similar but different notification!)

Please, add the possibility to select multiple statuses for a given notification!
(as it is possible with a webhook)



  • Agreed that this feature would be super helpful!  We run into this issue as well, so allowing multiple statuses to have the same notification would be ideal. 
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @Dedric and @MelissaPockett,

    Thank you for bringing forward this improvement idea of setting conditions to email notifications and I'm sorry for the confusion surrounding why the related discussion was closed! I've since reopened that discussion as it seems it may have been closed in error.

    You and @SteveV both describe the desired concepts well and I've passed these threads over to our Product team as feature requests.

    It could eliminate a lot of the current extra work required to set up a more advanced notification system.

    I can't say if this will be implemented but we will keep you in the know if there are any related updates.

    Thanks, again,
    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
    Checkfront | | Email:
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