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On the customer side of a reservation, the system automatically calculates the deposit total based the deposit settings.  For example, in the summer time, we collect a 50% deposit for a campsite reservation, plus a $25.00 refundable key deposit (we have gated access to the property).  We also required payment in full for certain special events, especially those that take place after our office is closed. 

When a staff makes the same reservation, the system does not calculate the deposit, but asks for the total payment amount (which can be changed to any amount though).  When guests are booking multiple items over the phone, this becomes a little time consuming for our staff as they have to make sure they are taking the correct deposits, plus taking into account the taxes and customer service fees that need to be applied. 

It would be great if the staff side also automatically made the calculation for the deposit, but still leaving the option to change the deposit to any other amount. 

The other side of this would be for it to record somewhere for the staff to see, or allocate somehow, what deposit was taken for what item.  This way, if an item is cancelled we can see the associated amount taken.  This may be useful for the customer as well.  This part of the request is a secondary request.  The main request is to have the system calculate the deposit automatically for both customers and staff.  

Thank you for your consideration!


  • AngelaAngela Checkfront
    Hi MelissaPockett,

    Thanks for your detailed feedback and suggestion!

    I think this is a great suggestion and we have had similar requests before to allow staff the option to apply a deposit payment based on the e-commerce settings or a custom amount when adding a manual payment to a booking.

    I have gladly included your feedback in the relevant feature request and let our team know that you are also interested in having this as an option.



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