Make Last Name Mandatory

Checkfront has a clever bit of logic that allows clients to enter a "Customer Name" but it actually stores the name in two separate fields "First Name" and "Last Name". 

However, occasionally we get a booking made with a single name which is confusing as we sometimes end up with multiple bookings from clients with the same name (eg Peter). 

It would therefore be helpful if, when a customer or member of staff makes an entry in the Customer Name field, Checkfront could have an option to enforce entry of both a First and Last Name - or at least give a suitable prompt to request that the customer enter two words of at leat two characters each.


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    Hi SteveV,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    It currently is possible to separate out the first and last names in the booking form and require that both be entered separately when a customer books.

    At Manage > Layout > Booking Form, instead of using the system field with the ID of 'customer_name', you can archive this field and create two new fields to represent the first and last name, using the system IDs of 'customer_first_name' and 'customer_last_name' respectively.

    Both of these fields can be made to be required in their Options tab, as well.

    I hope this helps!


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