Allow bookings by Company Name

Like many other Checkfront users, my company sells tours both to consumers and companies who make bookings on behalf of their clients. So I have a simple feature request to help us to manage their bookings. 

Add a COMPANY NAME field to the Customer Record and allow this to be entered in the Customer Booking Page and / or the Staff Booking Page - as well as in the Customer Directory. The logic should require that *either* an Individual name or a Company Name must be entered.

As a further helpful enhancements, I also propose that:

Multiple people (who work for the same company) can use the same Company Name with multiple individual email addresses, so all bookings with the same Company Name are consolidated into one customer record.

Partners who book tours on behalf of their clients should be required to make booking with the Company Name set by default to their Company account and then record client names using the Guest Form. As an aside, this would also be helpful in allowing multiple users in the same Partner company to make bookings for their single Customer Account.

Would anyone else find this helpful?


  • I also have been asking for a company name field for many years now without success. The workaround for me was to create a custom booking field for the company name. Up until a few months ago, custom fields weren't included in the search but a recent update finally lets us search custom fields.

    It's certainly not a perfect solution, but it generally works for now. Considering Checkfront's dismal track record on listening to product feedback, I wouldn't expect any improvements to the company name functionality in the foreseeable future.
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @SteveV and @parawing742,

    Thanks for your contributions to this topic of a company name booking form field.

    We do have an open feature request that suggests this improvement and I've included your further insight that describes the functionality you'd expect for our Product team to take into consideration.

    As parawing mentioned, we don't have any immediate plans to work on Booking Form improvements but we will relay any updates to you if/when they're released.

    Thanks, again and have a great week!
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