Booking page showing unavailable events as "upcoming".


I'm new to checkfront and I have it set up almost as my client needs it, but I'm having a few issues I can't figure out.

The main one is:
On the booking page, it is showing:

Whale Watch Cruise - Adult
Sat Oct 22, 2011
Whale Watch Cruise - Adult
Sun Oct 23, 2011
History Sunset Cruise - Adult fare
Thu Oct 27, 2011

But I have these set up as inventory items (default avail. "unavailable") and "events" set-up that don't start until mid-may.
The calendar correctly shows green days in May, but not until then.

Is there any way to have these either show the correct "upcoming" events to be the next AVAILABLE events, "May 10, 2012" for example.
Or to not show them at all.

I think this would be confusing to our customers who may assume we have upcoming cruises in Oct, Nov, etc.



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    That appears to be an account specific question, you should email support ( they have the ability to check for possible configuration issues.

    They will be able to help you :D

    Good luck,
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