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I, as a many others need an inquiry form as well for certain items.

What I did:
1. Tried this here: ;

This is a possible scenario, but not really what we want.

2. Created a status Inquiry that sends an email without a receipt. This is ok.


1. After finishing the booking form the customer lands on the guest page with the same message as completed (PAID) bookings. I know that in manage - guest form those items can be removed from the guest form, but then I still need a thank you for your inquiry message.

2. ANY BOOKINGS (incl. inquiry) After completing booking form I want to show the thank you message + an option to go back to our website and/or the checkfront booking page. When entering the link variables to the language translation it doesn't show the link but the value of the variable, even when I copy the exact same variable. (see pic)

Go back to {$COMPANY_URL}

3. Can that Book Now button can be renamed for those items only? I know you can change it for all items via private language translations but the client shouldn't have to change the language settings to do so. ;

Thanks for your help!


  • Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your patience and your engagement in our forums!

    Question 1: Thank you page for Inquiries
    Currently, there isn’t a feature that allows us to apply a different invoice or thank you page on only specified Items. The best workaround for this would be to create an Item-Specific HTML Output Field that applies to the inquiry Items. This method allows us to display custom details or information in the customer’s booking details and it will appear on the invoice which could be used as a placeholder for the most suitable messaging that you need to apply. 

    Question 2: Invoice Page
    The receipt page that will normally be presented in the customer booking flow does have the option for two buttons that allow your customers to return the customer booking page to create another booking. With that said I did notice that you have translated the string that allows customers to continue to this page during the Guest From process which has removed this functionality entirely.

    Below is the string in question:
    Alternatively, you can {$RECEIPT_LINK} and complete this later.
    The only way to allow your guests the option to view the receipt page if they are in the Guest Form page is to remove the custom translation used.

    Question 3: Book Now Button
    At this time there isn’t a way that we can only facilitate custom translations on the book now button for specific Items and they will always apply globally to your Customer Booking Page. I can certainly see how this would be convenient for offering inquiry Items and I empathize that having these would offer great modularity to the Customer Booking Page.

    I’ve gone ahead and logged this with our Product Team in the form of a Feature-Request aiming to add Item Specific Book Now button translations. While I don’t have an exact timeline for when or if this could be implemented I would be happy to provide you with any updates as they come our way.

    I hope this provides some further clarification. If you have any other questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we would be happy to help.

    Kind regards,


    Technical Support Specialist 
    Checkfront | | Email:
  • Hi Joe, 

    thanks so much for the above. 

    Just one more question: In fact, it says: Go to receipt page, however with this link you are transferred back to the booking page and not receipt. This is perfect, but the naming is confusing, isn't it? Wouldn't it be possible to have this named Go back to booking page or Start page?

    Thanks, Sara
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @Sara,

    Thanks for your reply!

    I haven't been able to reproduce the 'continue to receipt' button reverting back to the booking page so I've sent you an email where we can investigate further perhaps by using some screenshots.

    I look forward to assisting you further.

    Talk to you soon,
    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
    Checkfront | | Email:
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