Enable users to set the transaction date and allow Editing of POS Transactions

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When client pay for a tour in cash or by cheque they (or one of my staff) deposit the funds to a bank account as a POS Transaction.

However, as a manual task, Add the Payment to Checkfront does not happen in real time and is therefore always delayed. Sometimes the payee and tour for which a payment is made is not identifiable from the bank transaction, so it can take days (or longer) to correctly identify the booking, especially when there are multiple transactions of the same value. 

I therefore suggest that:

POS transactions ONLY can:
1. Enable users to set the transaction DATE so that transaction records in Checkfront can be made to match bank statements.
 Note: Only past dates should be allowed so that the current Status of the booking can be accurately determined.
2. Be amended (not only reversed) so that errors in the amount and date of transaction can be corrected.
3. Be deleted so that incorrect transactions can be removed.

This should apply to both Payments (Credits) and Refunds (Debits).

The application date (when the POS record) is amended would still need to be recorded, so all actions can be audited and recorded - and shown on the list of transactions against the booking.

Using the date when the application date rather than the transaction date:
1. Is at best irrelevant.
2. Introduces errors in reporting: The transaction reports do not match bank statements, revenue reports are skewed with transactions delayed (often into later months or even accounting years)
3. Creates a mis-match with accounting software, which uses the bank statement date for POS transactions

This would be a very helpful (if technical) enhancement.


  • AngelaAngela Checkfront
    Hi SteveV,

    Thanks for your detailed feature request!

    We have had requests before to allow for POS transactions to be edited in the ways you describe and I have gladly passed along your comments to our developers and added your name to the feature request.



    Technical Support Specialist

    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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    Thank you Angela. Please can you keep me updated on this. The functionality would really help Checkfront to integrate so much better with our other systems and enable all transactions to accurately mirror Xero & Quickbooks accounting. I know you wont make any promises here, but I hope you can prioritise this for a forthcoming release.

    PS: Could you share link this thread to the similar feature requests?
  • AngelaAngela Checkfront
    Hi SteveV,

    Rest assured that your name has been added to our internal feature request for POS transaction edits and you'll be updated should this function be released in the future.



    Technical Support Specialist

    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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    After chatting with Chase I have removed an additional suggestion. I recognise it would not be helpful.
  • please add my name too, as it would be helpful to increase accuracy.

  • Hello SteveV and Dedric,

    Thank you for the feedback!

    I will definitely pass this along to our team, and I hope we can implement a solution for this in the future!

    All the best,
    Technical Support Analyst
    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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