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I've been trying the new Booking Calendar, and although it does indeed feel more consistent with the rest of the app, I find it less easy to get an instant global picture of the bookings.

Context: I run a sport equipment rental type business, wether locally, or shipping to customers. Typical rental duration is 10 days.
So I'm mostly using monthly views.
Also, items go to an inspection (couple of days) when they return, and before they can be rented again.
Since I may ship to foreign countries, I need to take delivery time into consideration.

The new Booking calendar has 2 major issues for me:
  • less booking are shown per day. In the "old" version, even on a busy day, all bookings would be shown.  With the New version, only 2 or 3 bookings are displayed, and if there is more, then a note like "+3 more". Obviously you can click on that day, and a nice list appears on the side. But it greatly reduces the instant global view.
  • the loss of colour. Whereas in the old version, the entire booking period would be filled with the corresponding booking status colour, now, only a tiny dot shows the colour. Again, it is now very hard to get an instant view of the starting and ending dates of each bookings…

To illustrate what I just said, here is the same month displayed in the 2 versions:

Old version

New version

Please, increase the quantity of bookings displayed per day (ideally, without a limit), and offering the possibility to colour entirely each booking with their status colour.



  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
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    Hi @Dedric,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback!

    I have passed along your two points here to our Product team for review as I can understand why status colour as well as how a higher booking threshold per day in the Month view can help with your day-to-day efficiency.

    We'll be sure to let you know if we move forward with your suggestions.

    Thanks, again, and please let us know if any other questions or feedback comes up.

    All the best,
    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
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  • thanks.

    When are you planning on disabling access to the "old" booking calendar version ? 
    Or I should really say: please DO NOT remove the "old" booking calendar!!!!

  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
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    Hi @Dedric,

    Thanks for following up!

    As we gather more feedback, we'll be iterating on the new Booking Calendar experience. A definitive timeline hasn't yet been set, but we'll be sure to include in-app messaging in advance when a sunset date is established.

    I hope this can provide some peace of mind while we continue to improve the Booking Calendar.

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  • I agree with Dedric's points, especially the value of having each date slot expand to show all the bookings.

    Here are a further couple of points of feedback:
    1. In the weekly view the Current Time is usefully shown as a red line, but this is missing in the Daily view -which is rather odd! 

    2. In the released version the Current Time displays at the local time on the device, which is not the same as the Checkfront System Time if the device used is in a different timezone to the location where the installation is based.

    So given that bookings are all displayed with the Checkfront System Time (and are not timezone adjusted) which is fine, do make sure that the Current Time also reflects this Checkfront System Time not the local time on the device.

    Alternatively, having an option to view the calendar in either the Checkfront System Time or the local time of the device would be nice but all times should should follow the same format.


  • Hi @SteveV,

    Thank you for your continued feedback!

    1. I completely empathize with you that adding this would be great for continuity across the different calendars and allow them to have the same ease of use as offered on the weekly view.

    2. This would definitely be a great option to have in making sure that the calendar displays in the Account Locale time or have the option to toggle between both.

    I've gone ahead and forwarded this feedback to our Product Team for them to consider for future iterations of the new calendar views and would be glad to provide you with any updates as they come my way.

    If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach back out and we would be happy to help.

    All the best,

    Technical Support Specialist
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  • So, updated version of the new Booking Calendar (as of today):

    • definitively a great improvement having the status colour as the background for the entire booking. Thanks for implementing this quickly
    • still showing a very limited number of bookings per day (3 maximum). I'm guessing you are voluntarily keeping this number low in order to be able to keep control of the size of the calendar itself. Then a "+ 6 more" (for instance) is shown ! that's way too few. I actually would sacrifice aesthetic for increased efficiency and have all bookings displayed… Thanks
    • Glad to see you've added the "show all bookings" option. That's very useful.
    —> It would be perfect if it could keep its last status (checked/unchecked) between sessions or even browsing. (right now, if I check the box, go to another page, then come back, the box is unchecked!)

    • The colour showing for the whole duration of the booking is helpful. Thanks

    • In the "old" version, there was 2 different icons for bookings that are "checked in" and "checked out". But now it seems that the same symbol "→]" is used for both status, so they can't be distinguished…

    —> can this be fixed please ?


  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi @Dedric,

    Thanks for your replies! It's great to hear that some of our recent updates have improved your experience with the new Booking Calendar.

    You raise a good point here and it would make sense if you could quickly identify the check-in/out status of a booking at a glance by the appropriate icon.

    I've passed along this insight to our Product team as well.

    As always, thanks for your helpful, keen eye.

    Technical Support Specialist & Operations Lead
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