Customer rewards points

is it possible to create a rule that gives regular customers points every time they do booking and then use them to get free booking or discount?


  • Hi @digitalideas

    While there is not any point system or a workaround to accomplish this in Checkfront, we do have some users that have a point or a punch card system that they handle externally from Checkfront.

    I would imagine that those other users would use voucher codes that are provided to customers after the customer has reached a certain number of bookings or a dollar value. This system would not be automatic, but they could check under the customer's profile to see how many bookings they have had. Once the requirement is met, staff can find a voucher code and apply it to the next booking. 

    I am curious to see if any of our other community members have additional comments or suggestions as to how they accomplish this a reward-based program for bookings. 

    Best of luck! Please share any ideas that come up as you explore this :) 

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