Can any one recommend a different provider


Been with Checkfront a while now, but of late its become bulky and 'updates' have left the features important to my use broken, namely booking reports in the order set prior to exporting. Despite reaching out to support over 6 months, I have only been told we're aware of it. however I feel 6 months is long enough to fix these bugs so my question is can anyone recommend a similar supplier, happy to pay more as currently wasting money so might as well waste money on something that works



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  • We are doing the same thing.  I was starting the official move process and looking at alternatives when the pandemic hit.  After 4 years I have given up on getting anything useful from Checkfront. They don't seem interested in understanding how we use the system, provide poorly thought out or half way implemented tools and are not providing any of the more useful things that have been on ours and others lists for years. They just want to do the new shiny thing like a new web page development tool like the world needed another one of those.

    If you are a hotel, I have been looking at eZee Reservation systems.  They have complete hotel management capability if you want to go that far.  We are a hotel so they would be my top choice.  But I have not looked at pricing and set up a demo yet.  That was on the list for this spring.
  • Hey,
    i also thought many times about changing provider.

    But i didnt found any better provider. They all have good and bad things.

    But i also need to say that my pain is growing. 

  • ...and i need to add... The checkfront team is really helpfull and support is good! 
  • Up to 2 years ago I would agree. Since then I have had some defects logged and they have gone into the usual "it's on the list" nowhere. So I gave up submitting anything any more.

    But for "How To" questions, yes they are most helpful as long as the system already does exactly what you need.
  • I think its coming into 8 months of being broken now, I am looking and will leavae this service when find something, the small business type users shouldn't be paying for ridiculous service. An entire team of engineers and they cannot fix or roll back simple issues .... makes you wonder what else people are having trouble with that they arent fixing or the things you cant see like security 
  • The frustrating part for me is the little fixes we've been begging for over five years now have been mostly ignored and instead we got Site Builder and a calendar update that is worse than what it replaced. We were told years ago that communication would improve but instead there is now less communication and threads are occasionally locked if people ask too many questions.

    I don't see myself staying with Checkfront much longer either. I won't name other providers on this board, but the competition has definitely caught up in the last few years while Checkfront has seemingly ignored most of their customer feedback.
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