Discounts base on booking totals

I've setup the system config to hourly booking and need the following, which is being a hell for me to find out <span>:smile:</span>

We NEED discount packages applied to hourly prices , i.e  (0-9 hours - no discount , 10-24hours - 10%) , independently if the costumer books i.e  from 00:00-12:00 (12 hours) or  2 bookings in the same transaction i.e 00:00-06:00 + 12:00-18:00 (Total 12 hours).

Combining a min 10hr -max 24hr rule with a Price point event , we managed to create this only for a straight ie 12hour booking but not for what we need.

Any advice please ?


  • Hi @EL_Cid,

    Thanks for using our forums! I hope you're well.

    While you can certainly achieve discounting relative to the length of the single item booked by using Tiered Pricing, it's not possible to apply this discount combining two separate items in one booking.

    You could potentially pre-package those multiple item/time offers, but you'd need to set up each possible duration of time as its own Checkfront item and use Packages to bundle it together.

    We're glad to expand on this further if you'd like, please just let us know at

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  • Hi Brittany,

    The discount actually MUST only be applied on a single item.
    the company offers discount packages in case users book an item for more than 10 hours. While we can achieve that when the costumer books i.e. from 10am-09pm (11hours) , we need an additional option to give the same discount if the costumer books i.e. from 20Dec/10am-3pm + 21Dec/10am-4Pm (11 hours) 
  • Hi @EL_Cid,

    Thanks for the reply, and I see what you mean.

    Even though the same item is being booked, it will have to be added to the booking twice to achieve these two separate dates. The 'Minimum/maximum duration per item' rule only applies to the specific instance of the item being booked and does not take into account the entire duration of the booking if the item is booked multiple times.

    It will be best to create the package that Brittany mentioned above, as both dates (Dec 20th and 21st) could be booked within this package and set to a specific price point. As each possible duration of time would have to be its own item, we're more than happy to go into more detail on these steps. 

    Please feel free to send us an email at if this sounds like a possible solution, and we'll be happy to provide some more detailed steps on how to get this set up.

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