Managing serialised items - not visible to customer

a bit like in this post:
I have a sort of a similar problem, due to the fact that CheckFront doesn't offer the possibility to manage serialised items.

Let's say I'm a car rental company.

I have 3 Opel Corsa  (OC1, OC2, & OC3)
I have 2 Peugeot 807 (P1, P2)

While I want my customer to be able to choose between an Opel Corsa or a Peugeot 807, I don't want him to be able to see and choose specifically which Opel Corsa (or which Peugeot 807).
But then, I need to allocate a specific one (OC1 or OC2 or OC3, etc) to the booking, so we always know which customer has which car.

Obviously, the availability (of the generic car) should be synced accordingly.
ie if 1 client has OC1, another client has OC2, then when a new customer book, there should be only 1 Opel Corsa avail left.

What is your suggestion for such case, with minimum manual modification by the staff after receiving the booking ?

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