Generating voucher for add-ons?


We have a couple of bundle deals where a customer can purchase an inventory item (swim session) for a fixed time and date then add another 2 or 4 sessions for a later date at a discount (unspecified time and date at time of booking). This is currently an add-on in package only settings.

Whilst we can manage this manually at present it will be much easier if the user could get a voucher code or something so that they can come back to pick their later dates and times themselves. Is this possible? They won't know on first booking when they want the later dates. Or should we revert to a voucher only add-on for the value of the subsequent sessions?



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    Since your customers would be purchasing a service with undetermined dates, I'd suggest that you manually issue gift certificates for the value they've pre-purchased.

    This would require a bit of manual work but you could set up a staff email notification for if the promo item add-on is purchased so that staff know how/when to issue a gift certificate.

    Then, the customer would receive a gift certificate email and they can redeem when they'd like.

    Hopefully, this helps to point you in the right direction but please feel free to email us at if you'd like some further account-specific help.

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