Applying a fixed discount if a booking is over (x) days


I'm trying to replicate our simple holiday booking system using the trial of Checkfront, and so far I can see that it will certainly add a level of professionalism that we currently don't have, as well as a lot more flexibility around pricing for holiday seasons. 

One thing I haven't managed to replicate so far, is applying a fixed discount if something is booked over a number of days. The scenario is, people can book for less than a week, but if they do then we apply a cleaning/laundry cost of £35. However, if they book for a week, we waive this cost. How can I set this up in Checkfront? 

I had tried to set up a Rule with 7 as the number of minimum nights, then created a Discount for £-35, and selected the rule, but this doesn't seem to work. 


  • Hello Boworr,

    Please feel free to submit a support ticket from within your account on checkfront with this question, so that one of the support staff can look into this question in more detail with your specific configuration.

    Your rule 7 appears to make sense from what I can see but there might something missing in your configuration.


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