Is it possible to prevent a customer from making further bookings?

I have a rental company and I have a couple of issues where I would like to prevent a customer from making future bookings?

1. Customers have x amount of days to pay deposit to secure booking. If no payments have been made the booking is cancelled. However, several customers keep re-booking each time it is cancelled thereby bypassing the pay within x days to secure and then cancel anyway.

2. Some customers have ultimately ruined items and then try and make another booking a few months later. I do not want to hire my items to these people again but they are able to make online bookings. 

Is there a way I can prevent a customer from booking? I.e. Can I add something to the customers profile that prevents further bookings being made using that profile?


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    Hi Kerry,

    Thanks for your question!

    At this time it's not possible to automatically flag or block certain customers from creating bookings, although I completely understand why that would be desirable in your specific scenarios.

    I think being able to do this is a great idea and I have added your name to an existing feature request we have for this option. For more on feature requests, feel free to visit How Checkfront Manages Feature Requests.

    As an alternative, an available option would be to manually keep track of any bookings from these specific customers and then cancel or void the bookings as they are submitted.

    Let us know if there's anything further we can help you with.


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  • This is a feature that we would use as well.  I have created a 'Red Flag' system for when staff are booking in certain individuals, but it would be ideal if the system could block, or notify us of those people.  
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    So, this is a long shot, and I haven't tested it but here is a direction that might be worth looking into:

    I have created a custom field called "Internal_Note", attached to Customer profile, only visible by Staff (Show on form, and show on invoice), and NOT by Customer.

    I also use Webhook, on status change.

    So when a new booking is created, it triggers the webhook, which triggers an Integromat scenario.
    In the JSON structure that is received, there is my Internal_Note field.
    So you could match it  with a special key word (like "banned"!) to send a specific email to staff for instance….
    Or you could have a checkbox called "Banned", and you'd filter based on True/False….

    That's obviously a workaround to implement and test, but I think this could work until CheckFront offers an easier and integrated solution…

    It's far from perfect (or easy!) but at least you'd be informed straight away of new bookings made by [black] listed customers...
    Good luck!
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