Minimum stay with dynamic pricing on extra nights - not working???

Hi, so I would like to setup a 2 night minimum stay for £40 then have extra nights cost £10 per night for 3-6 nights and finally have a 7 night price.

The setting I have so far are:
2 day minimum, seasonal - which shows the minimum dates required message and works as it should.
3-6 nights, special, dynamic = £10 - when 3 nights selected shows the price as £30, i want it to show £50.

Any ideas where i'm going wrong?


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    Hi @rb333,

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    To establish stacked tiered pricing, as you've outlined, you'd need to add a special item event for each rate and the order in which you add these events is critical as the newest event will take precedence (if rules are met).

    This means that you'll want to add events in this order:
    1. A special item event for 3+ nights with 'create new price point' turned on
    2. A special item event for the 2 night pricing with 'base price'
    3. A special item event for 1 week pricing with 'create new price point' turned on

    Finally, you would add a seasonal item event which would enforce the minimum of 2 nights.

    Click here for a video tutorial

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