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There are many ways Checkfront can help customers automate business workflows. I am interested in community feedback regarding the best practices for automating check out/ check in of rental inventories. Progress has been made with rental and tour customers increasing their margins once they evolve their check in and out process with scanners. This transition reduces the time it takes to search, sort, process and store paper records not to mention the increase in customer satisfaction not having to wait in long lines.
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    Hi Grant,

    We run a fast growing scuba club in Sydney, Australia. We've been using CheckFront for the past 6-7 months to manage our inventory of hire gear for club members. These items include tanks, regulators, bcds and various other things. I would like to join your conversation here about 2D barcodes for scanning items in/out of the inventory, as this would be ideal for us.

    Here is a work flow of how we currently operate:
    1. a member logins on to our website and books their gear via an integration of checkfront in wordpress
    2. checkfront automatically books out the gear online so that other members can't double-book.
    3. the member then turns up at our gear shed with their receipt/ID and we give them the gear.
    4. the member returns the gear a week later after enjoying their diving and the gear becomes available online again for other members to hire.

    Here's the issues:
    1. Steps 3 & 4 are where 2D barcodes would be handy. Ideally we would hold up our tablet or phone to confirm that gear is "out", then only return it back to available status online once it is scanned back "in". How to set this up, I'm not sure.
    2. Achieving issue 1 above would here solve another thing. At the moment (as far as we know), checkfront doesn't give us the option to send a reminder email automatically to a member if they are over-due to return their gear. At the moment, once the week rolls around the gear is automatically updated to 'available' online whether is actually back in the shed or not. For many reasons it would be awesome to solve this as our gear team are run off their feet trying to keep up with who has and hasn't returned their diving equipment.

    Thanks for your thoughts and I look forward to further opportunity to discuss.

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