Forms for Inquiries

Hello question here. We have a ton of pre sales inquiries, people inquire, then we answer, then they book after.

Does anyone know??? 
Can we create an inquiry form for a booking that inputs the info into the system? Or shares it? I use FORMIDABLE for Wordpress.  I currently have to retype all the data from the forms into the booking system, to even note a client was interested in the date. Or is there something I can add onto checkfront that handles the pre-sales side?  Thank you!!! 


  • just a lead:
    you may want to create a "Pre-sale" status  (go to the menu Manage / Layout / Statues)
    with the option "Locked" disabled.

    This way, you'll have a booking in the system, with its own status name and colour, but without actually blocking any of your ressources.

    I hope this helps.
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