What am i doing wrong?

My client has a jet-boat business that has five 30mins rides per day starting at 11am and finishing at 4pm, seven days a week.
Adults:$65, Children:$40 and Family(2Adults, 2Children):$170.00. Each ride has 20 seats.
They need to be able to see how many seats have been booked and by whom, and obvviously how many they have available. Should be a snap.

I've tried so many different combinations of items(hourly rides e.g 11am,12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm), categories(Morning, Noon. Afternoon,Evening) and different price piers - Adult, Children, and Family(Group booking 2-2, price/booking) plus, discount variations and rules etc etc etc, that Imy head is about to explode.

Any guidance in how best to set up our seemingly straight forward booking system would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Ben

    I think your best bet is to set it up like you have i.e. 11am,12pm,1pm,2pm,3pm,4pm, but place them in 2 categories "rides" and "fishing".

    Then add the Adult, Children, and Family as parameters, with a new price structure.  Add the Discounts and seasonal "event" changes and you are all set.

    For a website setup, I would suggest creating a different booking engine "template" for each tour. If you would like to do that, please email support@checkfront.com for the custom code.

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