Multiple Droplets inserted - now unable to edit wordpress website

I hope someone can help.  I am upgrading my website and adding droplet code to each item so that i can have multiple products on each page (as desctibed on one of your previous threads).  it works well and it is all published and i can take bookings online.

However, I have just noticed that after I publish the webpage, when i return to the wordpress dashboard to edit the page again nothing is visible below the first droplet i inserted. The page is working properly from a customer point of view, i have 10 items on it and they can all be booked online as intended.  But in the wordpress edit section i can only see the page title, the first item with its droplet code and nothing else is visible.  This has happened on two pages so im guessing is some sort of bug?

I hope this makes sense - has anyone else come across this and if so how can view all the content again?  
Many thanks


  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    edited July 6
    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for reaching out to our forums!

    If you would like to email us at with a link to the page on your website where these Booking Widgets/Droplets are placed, we're happy to take a closer look into why the content is disappearing.

    We'll be keeping an eye out for your email!
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