midweek and weekend inventory

Many of our items have different midweek and different weekend inventory.
At the moment I'm changing the inventory manually here:
We need option that allows To enter different quotas for the weekend Just one time - and it will show every week..

Thank you


  • Hi @aviv1234

    Thanks for the suggestion!
    This feature is available in the new version of Checkfront, Checkfront V4. Checkfront V4 is currently in beta and isn't yet widely available. If you are interested in learning more about this new version, please feel free to send in an email to our support team at support@checkfront.com to see if V4 would be a good fit for you at this time. 

    In the meantime, using the Checkfront V3, you can offer different inventory for different days of the week, by creating two Items and using Item Events to make them available on the weekends or weekdays.
    1. Create two Items with different inventory - one for the weekend and one for weekdays.
    2. Set both Items to unavailable and use a seasonal item event to set the days they should be available.
    Click here to see a quick tutorial. 

    If you'd like some support on your specific configuration, feel free to send a quick email to our support team at support@checkfront.com. 
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