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Hello Community,

I'm testing the Hosted Booking Page feature, under the Extend > Integrate > Hosted Booking

I get the screen to book my item, select the date and enter the customer information.

Once I fill the necessary information I hit process Booking and a small indicator saying "Please Wait...."  (will attach screenshot once I figure out how to)

So it hangs in there... I checked my account and don't see the booking at all. Pending, Booked or anything :-)

What am I doing wrong? this is a test setup so if anybody wants to give it a try here is the link:

Help is appreciated   :-)



  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Go to Manage / E-commerce and check one of the radio boxes.  This is required but seems to not be enabled on some new accounts.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thanks Jason!

    Once I checked the   "Do not process payments online, just take reservations."  It worked!

    That must be because I haven't set any payment method. Thanks again!
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