Managing trampoline bookings

I am new to CF and like what i see so far, however, I am finding it difficult to formalise the booking of my business online. If anyone can shed some light on teh matter and suggest a way to handle it that would be great

Here is how things work

We effectively sell access to the parc by time slots.
We have a maximum of 100 places at any given time 
These places can be booked either as 
Adult jump @ 12 euro
Child Jump @ 8 euro 
or as part of a party which is booked as a package

I want to set up the booking system to allow booking in 30 minute blocks but the minimum booking time is 60 minutes 
for example : Clients would go online and book 2 adults and say 3 kids for starting at 10:00 for an hour - this would leave only 95 spaces left in that 1 hour period.
There are accessories that they should be able to add like Socks and gloves. They should be able to buy these at the same time as booking but not mandatory

Parties are booked as a package with a room (there are 4 to choose from) available to start at specific times. As part of a party the clients get 90 minutes jumping which should decrement the maximum of 100 by the number of party goers selected when booking the party at teh specific time 
Parties have the option to add food and drink to their package- offered as a selection option at time of booking.

I am struggling to ´work this out´ but believe something like this would be the approach - please confirm or edit 

Catagory Trampoline_Park
Item Jump_sessions  max = 100
 add parameter adult_jump - price=10 and parameter child_jump  price=8
add a parameter for counting some how
and something for optional items 

As for parties and their link I dont know where to start to link them to the 100 sessions maximum
Obviously there would be 4 party rooms to choose from at set booking times, this would 90 minutes jumping, cake selection item (with option to add notes) and food as optional extras

any help greatly received 

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