Customer's field not updating when creating a new booking

Over a year ago, I sent a message to Support pointing that any custom field attached to a customer's profile will be filled with info the 1st time a customer submits a booking with the info he enters in the booking form.

Next time this customer returns and create a new booking (if he logs in), the booking fields will be automatically populated with the info saved under his profile.

so far so good; very convenient.

Now the issue is that whatever pre-filled information he will change/update will not be saved under his profile.

The only is for the customer to go in his profile before creating the booking, update the info and save. Then he can go ahead and create a new booking.
Obviously, that's not what customers do. And they shouldn't have to.

Below is the corresponding exchange I had with the Support.
But I really would like to know if I'm the only one thinking the fields should be updated with new info, and how the rest of the community feels about this.



Hi, I've noticed that when a Customer returns, th...

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    Dedric Hourde
    • 1 year ago


    I've noticed that when a Customer returns, the booking form will be pre-filled with previous content from his account.

    BUT, any modification made in the booking form does not update his account's fields. 
    I understand some businesses models may prefer this way, but other might want the customer's profile (account) to be updated with the latest information. 
    Any way to do this?


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    Angela Bublitz
    • 1 year ago
    Hi Dedric,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    Customer booking form information does not automatically update the customer's record at Customers > Directory. A customer's record is initially created using the first booking's information, but any changes after that point would need to be input manually into the customer's record.

    Hopefully this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best regards,

    Angela Bublitz | Technical Support Specialist


  • My preference would be that custom fields have a setting that would be toggled between either auto-filling from the previous reservation or simply left blank.
  • Hi Dedric and Parawing,

    Thank you for sharing your ideas regarding how new/changed customer form field information should affect the existing customer profile.

    @Dedric, While we do have an open feature request that suggests booking form updates apply to the customer profile which I have added your name to, we'll keep a close eye on this forum thread for other users who may have the same insight and relay that feedback to our Product team for consideration.

    @Parawing, This could be a great way to apply such a setting. I've made note of it in the feature request so that Product can take it into account.

    Thanks, again!


    Technical Support Specialist

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  • @parawing742 I have the same dream as your suggestion, but I didn't want to get my hopes too high…
    but yeah, totally with you, that's be the best option!
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