Blackout dates and minium night stays

First off awesome software! Wish I had found this a few months ago when building our site, will def use for next year.

Here's my situation... We book up a number of rooms for a conference once a year. The event is 7 days long and we only have access to the rooms for those 7 days.

I have gotten the system to block out all the rooms before the days, for example 3/21/11-3/28/11. If you were to try and book on 3/20/11 it shows no rooms available which is correct because there is a 7 night min stay setup.

However what happens is if you go and select you want to begin your stay on 3/28/11 even with 7 day min stay it shows it's available, however it shows 7 nights at the total of a 1 night stay rate then in the confirmation it shows for example 3/28/11 to 4/5/11 total 1 night stay.

Any idea why the blackout only works for before days and not after dates? We need the min night stay function in place and only for the available days of 3/21/11-3/28/11 and not letting roll over and not being less than the min dates specified in the rules.

I have the item set to blackout. Rate is set for special, non repeat and dates for next year.

Last but not least, is there a way to set the begin search date instead of it being today be user specified that way we can set to already pop up with March of next year?

Thank you again for your help, we are going to start pre-selling rooms and taking deposits very soon and we'd love to use your system.
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