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currently, every time you load the page "Daily Booking Summary", the Date Filter applied is "Starting".
unfortunately, this filter is not very useful for my business model. Instead, I mostly use "In Progress" as a Date Filter.

Would it be possible to automatically use the last used Date Filter type as the default Date Filter when reloading the page ? 
(or even better, have a parameter in the setup allowing to choose which default filter to be used)



  • Hi @Dedric,

    Thanks for your question!

    I can definitely see how having the date filter remain on your preference would be helpful when viewing the Daily Summary.

    In the fall, the Daily Manifest will replace the Daily List and Daily Summary which currently defaults to the current date.

    For now, while you continue to use the Daily Summary, you may want to bookmark the URL appended with '/booking/daily/?date_filter=2' so that you can quickly get to this desired view.

    I hope this helps, and have a great weekend!

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