Development log and list of feature requests with their priority

For a brief period of time we used to be able to see the change log in the System page under Software.  This was great to see what was new and changing on a pretty regular basis in Checkfront.  Will this ever be brought back? Or why was it removed in the first place?

Would it also be possible to keep a thread open listing the current feature requests you're working on, their priority, and expected release?


  • Hi rschmud

    The event log changes (from version to version) will surely be brought back, perhaps not in the software itself, but as  a website link.

    We do not publicly discuss features which are  under development, you may however email to inquire about a certain features ETA.

  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Yes, this will return soon. We'll also provide a notification in the console of changes to the system, without having to check it.

    Often bigger features are touted on the blog:

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