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I'm liking the new dashboard interface, but the booking graph numbers do not appear to correlate with the actual bookings. For example, in October 2019 my numbers display as follows:

"Booking Volume" graph shows 7
"Booking Traffic" graph shows 5 staff, 4 web (total of 9)
Actual Bookings: 20

What metric is making up these two graphs and why do none of them correlate with my booking figures?


  • None of the other months line up either. For June 2019:

    Booking Volume - 23
    Booking Traffic - 30 (total)
    Actual Bookings: 24
  • new dash board "looks" good. we need to be able to see the traffic chart daily basis. traffic is something you need to monitor daily basis not monthly.
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    Hey All! Kendra here, Product Manager on the Dashboard from the Checkfront Product Team. Thank you both for your feedback on the recent updates.

    We've taken your feedback on the Traffic Chart and will be releasing an improvement that brings back more granular date ranges :)  - We enhanced the date pickers with this release for more flexible reporting and agree that less than a month should fit into that range! Thank you for taking the time to share that. I'll post back once that gets rolled out.

    The support team is also investigating the booking total discrepancies mentioned and will reply back soon. 

    Chat soon,
    Product Manager, Checkfront
  • Hi @parawing742

    Thank you for your patience! While I investigated the reporting of the widgets further. 

    The Booking Traffic widget, based on our Traffic & Bookings report, will show the visitor information for the bookings that are created in the selected duration. 

    In your case, in June 2019, you would have had 30 bookings created. Likewise in October 2019, there were 9 bookings created. 

    With this information in mind. When looking at the Booking Volume widget, this is based on the bookings created for that span of time that are in a 'locked' status. 

    We can see this form the Booking Index reportby filtering with 'Created Date', and all statuses that are 'locked'. The 'Waiting' and 'Cancelled' statuses are unlocked by default.   

    We have great resources on both the Dashboard and Statuses found in our Knowledgebase. 



    I hope this clarifies! 

    Technical Support Specialist
    Checkfront | | Email:
  • How can I switch the Booking Volume widget to show how many bookings are actually "booked" for a given time period versus what was "created" in that period?

    The "created" figure isn't useful at all in terms of displaying business volume because many customers book well in advance of the actual event.
  • Hi @parawing742,

    Thank you for your question and feedback.

    The Booking Volume widget on the Dashboard will only display bookings based on their created date.

    With that said, I do see how adding this feature could be beneficial, and I'm happy to bring this feedback forward to our team. 

    I hope this clarifies the current functionality of the Booking Volume widget.

    Technical Support Lead
    Checkfront | | Email:

  • @Aaron_Checkfront ; I was worried that widget would be stuck with useless numbers. For years now, I've just wanted the ability to see how much volume I'm doing. Hopefully we can get that someday.
  • same here, "created" doesn't mean much when it comes to showing the real activity of a business.

    the actual booking date(s) would be a lot more significant...
  • Hey all! Kendra here from the Product Team.

    Happy to announce that we have brought back partial-month views and more day-granularity to the date filtering on the reports widgets.

    While this doesn't impact the existing widget's data displays, it does address the need for more granular views. We're continuing to explore new widgets to add to make reporting more impactful, so continue to monitor the in-app updates for new dashboard functionality. 

    Have a great week!
  • The problem is that the "Volume" widget is displaying events by booking date which has no bearing on actual monthly volume in any meaningful way. It's completely useless as is.
  • @Kendra_Checkfront As product manager for the dashboard feature, are you at least aware that the new widget is almost useless as it is currently implemented? Those of us who are using this in a real business setting need to know what the actual monthly volume is. Why would Checkfront not want to fix this?
  • Hey there! Really appreciate your feedback here - At the moment, the recent dashboard release added a modern refresh to existing widgets, and in our first phase we didn't change the data displayed (the widgets you are seeing show the same data as prior to the refreshed version).

    With that, I can see the use case for additional reporting that covers your use case and the product team is working on infrastructure to improve our reporting suite to help add more reports for different industry use cases. We are early stages on this project, so I don't have an exact timeline to share at this time but we'll continue to monitor trends to ensure our reporting project is flexible to account for new reporting needs.

    Chat soon!
  • @Kendra_Checkfront  I complained about how the data was displayed in the old widget too many years ago. Others on the forum here chimed in at the time and agreed with me as well. I can look up the thread if you want to see it, but it appears nothing has changed in terms of Checkfront listening to and responding to problems with the software other than vague promises to pass on concerns to the apparently non-existant development team.

    We've been told that feedback and communication channels would improve several years ago, but it still hasn't happened yet. Even the Resource Management functionality supposedly was "actively under development" four years ago and it is still years in the future before it will be finished (if ever). It's incredibly frustrating that myself and others complain about the same software problems year and year and nothing is ever done to fix them.
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