Lodging availability in more than current year

With the current situation of COVID-19, guests with reservations would like to reschedule for next year.  Can someone tell me how to make more than one year's reservations/lodging available.  When trying to reschedule, I get an error message that the dates are unavailable.


  • Hi @Disigert,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    This error message could be due to an Item Event that's limiting the specific item to be booked within a certain date span.

    While this is my initial thoughts it could also be due to a couple of other variables in your account settings.

    With this being said we would be happy to take a closer look into your specific instance if you would be able to send us an email directly to support@checkfront.com.

    I look forward to seeing your email and continuing to assist you with this!

    Kind regards,

    Technical Support Specialist
    Checkfront | www.checkfront.com/contact | Email: support@checkfront.com
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