Developer required

Hi guys. 

So here is the problem. Our site is If you go to the Ticknock page, under bike rental. Lets imagine you want to order 1 small bike and 1 medium bike. 

When you select the small and add to cart, the dialogue box appears, which prevents you from adding another item. The 'continue shopping' link, it brings you to a general inventory page, which is no use as we need to add the medium. The other option is to view cart, again no use. The final option is to close the dialogue box by selecting the 'x', which allows the customer to add more bikes. Problem is how is the customer supposed to figure this out! 

One solution would be if we can shift the dialog box lower down the page, so it doesn't cover up the booking options.

The other solution would be to use the 'x' function, under the guises of a new link, suggested "add more items" like like this example 

Add More Items or View Cart or Continue Shopping

Hope you understand my problem. Please drop me an email if you can help. 
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