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I began the trial and love the platform so far. I feel I may be chasing my tail. Can someone please help assist with adding multiple time availability.

EX: Kayak is available to rent half day (morning or evening) , full day, and weekly.
Should I make 3 separate items and label them accordingly EX: Kayak Full Day, Kayak Half Day, Kayak Weekly

Or is there a way I can add all of these parameters under one item. I've tried toggling the events, special pricing, etc. But feel like I'm missing something. 

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  • I'm able to complete the Half Day / Full Day with pricing variations, although unsuccessful with Weekly variable. Is this something that can be done with rule sets? Or should I make a separate item?
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    When several different durations are offered for a single item (i.e. kayak rental), we typically suggest creating them as separate items. 

    Here's an overview of how you'd want to set this up: 

    1) Half-Day item with two Timeslots for the first and second half of the day.

    2) Full-Day item that will use either a single Timeslot or the Per Day allocation to book the entire day.

    3) Weekly item that will use the Per Day allocation along with a Fixed Length to enable customers to book a week-long item at a fixed rate.

    Since these are individual items, you will want to ensure their inventories are communicating with one another to avoid any overbookings. To do this, you will need to create an Inventory Control item, set to an Hourly Allocation, that will be used to Alias their separate inventories together. Lastly, you can Product Group all 3 of the items to simplify the booking flow for your customers. 

    Hopefully, this provides a bit of clarity! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to We'd be happy to go into more detail on these steps with you.

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