Item's Default Number of Days

Hello again,

My inventory items are tours. These are sold per person (though it makes no sense to book a tour for more than one day), and different products are available on different days of the week.

The problems are:

  • By default, 3 is the number of days that show on the client's website
  • When one tries to select the day from the pop-up calendar the calendar always assumes the chosen day to be the first of 3 consecutive days. This forces the user to change the # of days (which is confusing and needn't be necessary) to be able to proceed the process normally (otherwise, it will totally mess the prices and the bookings, of course).
  • To complicate this, I want/need to hide the Booking Units (i.e. the number of days box... on this Category) to simplify the UX.

I tried creating a rule that set the maximum number of nights but it results in "A maximum of 1 Nights required." warning being shown on the client website which is confusing because this items are not hotel rooms. (I have no other rules set.)

My needs are basically the same as Banjo Billy's Bus Tours' ( whom I discovered here on your support forum but I'm finding it quite difficult to put up what they have on...

Can anyone help?

Thanks you so much,


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    Hello RP,

    It is possible to hide the booking unit either by category, or in your main area.  You can also set the default # of days to 1 (instead of 3).

    Give that a try.  If you require further assistance please feel free to contact support so we take a look at your specific setup and properly address this issue.


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