Closing of Existing Discussions??

I noticed that over the last "while" you are putting a lot of effort into closing existing discussions, with many being closed after a single response from CF.

Since you have no way for us to upvote bug fixes or new functional requests, this was your suggested method of doing adding a comment and expressing our desire for the same fix or new capability.

How do you propose we do that now when you keep closing all the discussions?


  • @TurismoCaNica Thanks for your timely feedback!

    We are currently investigating additional platforms that better support upvoting features and overall community engagement, and also are more closely integrated with the internal tools we use in our product and development teams. In the meantime, if you encounter a closed discussion and have more insight to add, please feel free to reach out to us directly at so we can gather more information from you. We'll be sure to add your +1 to the existing bug fix or feature request, or create a new one on your behalf. I appreciate your feedback - thanks again. 

    Director of Technical Support

  • I've been noticing this lately too, and sometimes (too often), if feels like a poor way to avoid a public discussion on a subject where CheckFront may feel inconfortable, and to prevent the reaction from the community to spread.

    Just my feeling, and I still hope I'm wrong on this one.

  • There's no method to ensure our voices are heard other than this forum so shuttering customer feedback appears purely to prevent embarrassment. I still see threads get bumped where minor issues have never been resolved after several years of waiting.
  • And that would be why I put up this post. She says we can vote by sending an email to support.  How are we supposed to know what is on the list when there are likely many more requests from customers via email.  That make it impossible to upvote anything much less even keep track of my own list that I have asked for over the years.

    I participate in many online product forums and sadly (with maybe the exception of the Nvidia Shield forum), this is the most useless.  I participate in Samsung Smartthings, Wyze, webCoRE, MS Windows Insiders, Nvidia and many others.  The developers are very responsive, open about their development plans and actively seek feedback from their clients.
  • I use a number of SaaS tools in my business. Checkfront is the only one that appears to ignore and dismiss nearly all customer input. Even Resource Management has been "coming soon" for nearly five years now. It's frustrating because this could be an amazing product if the management chose to continue development on the platform.
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